New World Energy Solutions (NWES), Inc.


A Delaware Corporation, formed in 1994 to bring "Out of Mainstream" ideas and developments to bear on difficult problems in Commerce & Government. Specializing in ferreting out unusual ideas, and applying creative approaches to their application, NWES, Inc. is today primarily involved with applying the unusual & unfamiliar, yet mature Molten Salt Technology to the problems of economical energy production mixed nuclear and chemical wastes, spent fuel, excess plutonium, and clean safe energy for thousands of years.

As a Macintosh computer site and having broad Apple Macintosh experience, NWES, Inc. also provides Macintosh software training, database (FileMaker Pro), consulting, and networking services. If you want a computer to help you achieve and create, go Mac. If you want viruses (200 times as many), the "Year 2000 Problem" (Y2k), and your workers constantly fiddling with machines that seem perpetually half broken & quickly obsolescent, go Wintel.


If cars were computers:

The cheapest American car was the Yugo, therefore, using computer selection logic, we should all be driving Yugos (Wintel) because they were the cheapest. The majority of car drivers do not drive Mercedes, Hondas, or Saturns. Should this minority be forced to drive Yugos or Cavaliers just because they 'do not drive what most people drive? Empower your workers, by supporting Computing Diversity in the Workplace. Productive workers make all our lives better.

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